Classics and Highlights

Notable Classics (Classics are defined here as deceased poets who are widely read, have been studied academically, and whose work is in the public domain. This is an unfinished list…)

Blake, William
Byron, George Gordon
Dickinson, Emily
Donne, John
Frost, Robert
Jonson, Ben
Keats, John
Kipling, Rudyard
Lazarus, Emma
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
McCrae, John
Melville, Herman
Millay, Edna St. Vincent
Moore, Clement Clark
Poe, Edgar Allan
Shakespeare, William
Shelley, Percy Bysshe
Spenser, Edmund
Teasdale, Sara
Tennyson, Alfred
Whitman, Walt
Wordsworth, William
Yeats, William Butler

Featured Poets (coming sooner or later…)


Anghel, Dimitrie (Romanian)