“Antions and Quesswers” by J. S. MacLean

An answer more labyrinthine than the question
is not an answer, is it?
Like, ‘What was here or there before the Big Bang?’ . . .
Can “Nothing” be an answer?
Perhaps, but for some, invented ones are better.
Like . . . if infinite mass collapses
in upon itself in inner space
that has no room so
spits it out, banging the door
and no one to yell
‘Don’t slam the singularity!’
So, a creation of questions
. . . a chaos to construct.

So what do we truly understand
about what is confirmed
by each eroded particle?
Some molten rock cools into granite
then is ground into sand
by super patient weatherers.
This thing called life appears
leaving answers in its tracks.

Some history has
gone missing in
middens of time.
Evidence is all there is;
unnumbered data points
and not one contradiction!



J.S. MacLean has been writing poetry since the early 70’s with two collections, Molasses Smothered Lemon Slices and Infinite Oarsmen for one, available on Amazon. He has around 175 poems published in journals and magazines internationally in Canada, USA, Mexico, Ireland, UK, France, Israel, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Australia. He enjoys the outdoors…and indoors too. In 2007, he won THIS Magazine’s Great Canadian Literary Hunt in Poetry (1st Prize). He strives for lyrical and hopes for accidental.