“The Subway Walls” by David Dephy

We are in the subway. New York’s subway
is heaven for wanderers, these walls are
the skies with transparent clouds between
us and the trains are our kingdoms. The silence
around us is so touchable we can feel it with
our breath. We are asking the silence now:
“Tell us the truth, where is the exit, where is
the belief, is the belief an exit?” We see
faces and we hear words around us: “The
searching for an answer as to what will result
from an internal increase or erosion of beliefs,
the act of moving forward and not looking back
is like writing a verse – an act of faith,” We are
in the subway and we can feel the starry sky above
and no moral law within a sound, but within silence.


David Dephy is a trilingual Georgian/American poet, novelist, essayist, performer, multimedia artist and painter. He is an active participant in the American and international poetry and artistic scenes such as PEN World Voices, 92Y Poetry Center, Voices of Poetry, Long Island Poetry Listings, New York Public Library, Starr Bar Poetry Series, Columbia University – School of the Arts in the City of New York, and Bowery Poetry Club, which named him a Literature Luminary. His poetry has been published in the USA and all over the world. He lives and works in New York City.

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