“Wax Bullets” by Nilotpal Sarmah

The terrain shimmers in a patriotic poltergeist.
Freedom’s arid limbo drives them
into this afterlife of yearning.
In wraith-like pulses they loom
like a searing hot mirage.
But this heat is not without its purpose.
Nothing left to do but to rejoice at this sight of
the freedom fighters storming the mind’s terrain.
The self-triggering rifle that is HISTORY
stands rooted in eternal aim at them.
Watch this nebulous multitude morph into shapes of
inspiration as history fires its wax bullets at them.



Nilotpal Sarmah resides in the city of Guwahati in Assam, India. Inspired by his home state’s landscapes, he turned poetry into his passion and hopes to have a published volume of his works some day.

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