“Catharsis” by John P. Drudge

A smooth straight road
Remains visible
For miles
But the unknown
Only happens
Around blind curves
Around the bends
And turns
We need crises
On our path
To grow
Where fear
Is the catharsis
That molds us
Into shapes
Beyond our bounds
Our binds
And the shackles
Of our shelter



John Drudge is from Caledon, Ontario, Canada. He is a social worker working in the field of disability management and holds degrees in social work, rehabilitation services, and psychology. John has appeared in the Arlington Literary Journal, The Rye Whiskey Review, Poetica Review, Literary Yard, Drinkers Only, The Alien Buddah Press, Montreal Writes, Mad Swirl, Avocet, and Harbinger Asylum.  He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and his book, March, is available in independent book stores across Canada and on Amazon.com.

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