“Fall in Massachusetts” by Konstantin Yakimchuk

Truly, I enjoyed pretentious Boston’s autumn
Fallen leaves and puddles, broken branches,
And although I had the hardest working quota,
I remember parks, museums, tasty lunches.

I recall those bridges, stations, mansions,
Gliding wind on snowy, icy roads.
There were rumors that the Cape in stormy weather
Catches on the hook all floating boats.

Far away somewhere, over ocean,
If I am sensing breeze and salty air,
In Atlantic chilly iodine potion
I perceive New England’s subtle flair.



Konstantin Yakimchuk is a poet, prose writer, and editor. He has published several poetry books. Konstantin writes in various genres of poetry but prefers the classical verse. Moreover, he works as a biomedical scientist and the results of his research have been published in the leading scientific journals. Konstantin lives with his family in Stockholm, Sweden.

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