Two Poems by Kathryn Leonard-Peck


Monochrome meridians
an atlas of gray
once there were dragons
promising more at the edge
green scales gleaming
in the fire and flame
gold coins jingling
to the beat of leathery wings.

Now there is nothing
I have lost my way
manless, mapless
unloved by all
just a small frail figure
shuffling slow off the stoop
my bleached map leads to nowhere
except to bones
unmarked graves.

Cold Purifying Water

Changing state from ice to pool
cold purifying water
otters kick free from grass lined dens
sleek dervishes of the ineffable cool.

Beavers slap tails as icicles drip
buds unfurling from a half-starved branch
stubby turtles claw from thawing beds
black roses free from winter’s grip.

The stream rushes in and so I know
revenants awake
snappish, hungry, quick to lunge
vultures at the death of snow.

Kathryn Leonard-Peck writes poetry, plays, and short stories, and is completing her first novel. She also paints. She graduated from Dartmouth College and Columbia Law School and is an attorney. She currently lives on a farm on Martha’s Vineyard with her family. Her poetry, short stories, and art have been published in literary journals, including Drizzle Review; Another Chicago Magazine; THEMA; Blink Ink; IHRAF Publishes (the International Human Rights Art Festival); Auroras & Blossoms/F Point Collective; South Road; and The Stonefence Review. She was the second-place winner for the Martha’s Vineyard Institute for Creative Writing (MVICW) Vineyard Writers Fellowship.

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