“No Nostalgia” by Sathya Narayana

Her eyes besmeared with dreams
and skin effusing thin passion…
standing with fretting limbs
before my rocking chair…
with trembling lips she drawled
“You wanna say something!”
I said nothing…nothing!
Decades after, the floor
before me looks vacant.
She’s not there…she’s there…
she’s not there…she’s there!
Gazing at pure nothing
as if she’s there smiling,
utter I now something
…I shout again aloud,
I sob silently then.
My voice from interred soul,
struggles from depths, stutters
and splutters oh few words…
but all unintelligible…This’s no nostalgia,
this’s no nostalgia…this’s vertigo, yes, yes…
a sweet veridical hoax!

Sathya Narayana has been published in a number of print and web magazines, including The Society of Classical PoetsWestward QuarterlyMetverse Muse JournalPoets InternationalSaptagiriRock PebblesScarlet Leaf Review, and Better than Starbucks. She resides in India.

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