Two Poems by M. J. Gilbert

When Molding Disappointments

When molding disappointments,
From best intention’s clay,
Let anger’s fires turn them stone
For heirlooms of dismay;

Display them in the open,
In plain and public view;
Keep them well and pass them on
As some were passed to you.


Life is a funnel
All traverse

In full career
And in reverse

A funnel too

That bids me travel
Forward through

What darkling virtue
May decree

Circumference vast
Or Decency

M.J. Gilbert was too businessy for the academic world and may be too academic for the business one. We’ll see. He has a Ph.D. in Literature from SUNY Stony Brook and is the author of The Riddle of Firelight, a Most Curious Winter’s Tale. He loves poetry, lives in awe of good poetry, and appreciates the rarefied irony of sending lyric pieces to Sparks of Calliope.

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