“Memories” by Kelly Okoniewski

So many days blend into one.
The moon in the sky yields to the rise of the sun.
Laundry, bills, homework, skinned knees,
Will I make this appointment? Where are my keys?

So many days blend into one.
Until one day, an idea came from my son…

Let’s dig for some stuff in the yard for fun.
Then compare our treasures one by one.
After that, we will find a spot and bury it,
And put a sign that says, “Memories,” so we won’t forget.

It sounded fun, but I never knew
How much this day would mean, just me and you.
Many details of days fade in a life-paced at sprint run.
But this day, I remember every single one.

The joy on your face when you found a rock of gold,
The smear of dirt across your cheek so bold,
Sunglasses pushing back your crazy hair,
The pizza pajama shirt you wanted to wear.

A long piece of green mystery pulled from the soil,  
That shimmered and sparkled under the light on the coil.
A nut with a hat, one shaped like a kiss,
Could we find anything better than this?

A TV set looking rock, seashells in the mix,
Dried leaves, plant roots, and little fragile sticks.
The touch of your little fingers in my hand,
As you handed me a new surprise pulled from the land.

How carefully you wrote on the sign,
Directing us to remember every ounce of our time.
Placing it firmly in the dirt above our buried treasure,
Wishing this moment would last forever.

Your laughter, your smile, the blue sky, and smell of discovered wonders,
Replay in my mind with such vivid, joyful sounds and colors.
So many things fade as the years go by, and yet,
The happiness of this day I will never forget.

Kelly Okoniewski is a poet, writer, and copyeditor. Her poetry has been published in WestWard Quarterly, and her writing has been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. She hopes her work makes people feel a sense of inspiration and connection. Kelly lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and son.

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