Two Poems by Patricia Furstenberg

Turning 50, Dancing on a ZaniLa Rhyme

I’ll smile through my fingertips, leap far,
stretch to the sky, dare a cloud,
a wave to rock and on moon to walk
I’ll attempt. Adventures expect me.

This girl’s not done, make a day a month,
laugh in the rain, dance on ice.
On moon to walk and a wave to rock,
run with wild horses – still want it all.

Feed my skin, water my soul, jump, splash,
make a mess, it will wash off,
a wave to rock and on moon to walk-
dreams take shape still; bright, bold, sharp. Alive!

I’ll carve the rest of my life, dreams will
feed my mind, blossom, erupt.
On moon to walk and a wave to rock-
I’m only 50. Blink of an eye.

Snow Must Go On

On gleaming streets, oily with rain,
a joke of life below my pane
my eyes count potholes, while my hands
scrub oily pans, life’s big charade.

I dive into the kitchen sink –
my nighttime drama, end of play,
with one spectator and one star,
a sheltered life, no crack upset.

Low heat, faint simmer, never boil
the mirror of my train of thoughts
out of the blue, a bubble forms
like ice trapped in the heart of blaze.

I am the master of my play
with only bitterness’ applause, last raw
the show must end sometime, last call,
yet this slow simmer wins each time.

How long can this play be played out?
The echo of an empty room
is proof enough, till all applaud
my monologue, or death will bow.

The water trickles to a drop,
electric kettle boils, then stops – safe mood
in place, cup off the shelf, tea leaves n hand,
the storm restored; for now, show must go on.

Patricia Furstenberg, with a medical degree behind her, has authored 18 books imbued with history, folklore, and legends. The recurrent motives in her writing are unconditional love and war. Her essays and poetry have appeared in various online literary magazines. Romanian-born, she resides with her family in South Africa.

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