Two Poems by Janice Canerdy

It’s Almost Here

It’s almost here; it’s in the air—
that lovely time beyond compare,
when green clothes trees that once were bare
and kids have energy to spare.

Earth has awakened; life is new.
New blooms smell fragrant; skies are blue.
Who could resist this gorgeous view?
The end of winter’s overdue!

We welcome what the warm days bring
when trilling birds are on the wing;
then not just birds but people sing.
It’s just around the corner—SPRING!


What do I mean when I employ this word?
Sometimes I mean you’ve truly captured my
attention and I’m wowed by what I’ve heard.
I love to say this—when it’s not a lie.

Sometimes–to spare your feelings, I confess–
I may say, “That’s so interesting,” though
I’m bored to numbness, hoping you won’t guess
the truth, which you might find a stunning blow.

Some think this word’s evasive, somewhat weak.
Though I agree, I’m sure you’d rather hear
it than some harsh indictment when you speak.
I feel the same. This mild term has no peer!

So in the future when I’m telling you
some rambling story and you’re praying I’ll
shut up, say, “That’s so interesting! Do
tell me some more.” I’ll blabber on a while.

Janice Canerdy is a retired high school English teacher from Potts Camp, Mississippi. She has been writing poetry since childhood, is the author of one book, Expressions of Faith (Christian Faith Publishing, 2016), and has had poems published in many magazines and anthologies. Janice enjoys church life and being involved in church activities and says her grandchildren play a key role in her life, as she does in theirs.

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