“Resurrection” by Siri Espy

The photos are old and faded now
like me
the face, familiar, nearly forgotten
the person I once was
and will never be again

She had wisdom tempered with naivete
the world unfolding
in a cloud of anticipation and despair
already battle worn
but fighting on

I look for her sometimes
hidden away in a remote corner
courageous but afraid
her spirit battered by time and expectations

Stay with me, I whisper to her
stay with me
we’ll give it one last try

Silently, wearily, she nods her head

Siri Espy is retired from the corporate world, where her writing included two books, numerous articles, and innumerable reports and bullet points. Her varied career included stints as a psychologist, market researcher, college instructor, consultant and health care planner and marketer. The mother of an awesome daughter, she lives in Greenville, North Carolina with her tolerant husband and three crazy cats. 

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