“Misunderstandings” by Rosemary Lazier

Together exultant
Through lens of gathered friends
Feathering your cap
You announced you wanted to go

Your predictable Canon creaking but ready
I, anticipating focal adjustments
Daily searched for desk full
Of steeping photographs rooting
Lines and depositing forms,
Glacial beginnings manifesting
Perspective from deep-set darkness,
Genesis of incandescent impressions…

One day you came in carrying a carcass.

Hacking and sawing at bone
Devoid of artistry
Disassembling life as if it were
a mechanical fixture alone.

Beneath the giblet and grit,
Pangs ran a gauntlet
Of proclamations,
Resounding as horizon lines, but
Executed, always, as fatal sentences.

Rosemary Lazier resides in Ontario, Canada, where she immerses herself in coffee, amphibian transformations, and shoreline life on the Ottawa River. She is a high school teacher of Special Education, and holds an MA in English Literature from Carleton University. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in North, In Words, and Eris & Eros journals.

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