“Athena, Minding her Business” by Ellen Huang

Falling in love is their term for it
but I am not as careless as Zeus
desperate to spread himself thin,
spread his likeness on a fawning earth
with hyperpopulation. I do not depend
on the title of king of the gods
to get a yes and make an impression.

Aphrodite teases me for it
but many goddesses understand
what it is to find passion elsewhere
and be pleased so deeply, like offerings, like ambrosia,
with the humans with beautiful minds.

I lean against their head,
rest on their shoulders,
whisper in their ear,
play with their hair,
visit their dreams.
I inspire.

I listen to them, and let them listen to me.
Zeus knows nothing of such practice,
(Hades and Poseidon perhaps a little more)
and his type are bewildered at the mystery
of woman’s dangerous intuition.
Pity he remembers nothing from when
I was born of his mind, a warrior cry full-grown
from his skull. Pity he overlooks his brainchild
and returns to his endings and beginnings.

But with my most intimate followers,
I exchange words and philosophy,
lacing together a fully-clothed vulnerability
of the stars, an infinite space of knowing
and intimacy. I bring them fighting
spirit and maturity, and the patience
of immortal writers.
They will watch the world bloom.

I deliver and conceive much
as my brainchildren walk the earth,
born of great minds, adopted of great thinkers,
destined to meet their kin
and, for lack of genetics in the gods,
trace divine influence back to me
grey-eyed goddess who made them wise.

Ellen Huang holds a BA in Writing with a minor in Theatre from Point Loma Nazarene University. She is published in Royal Rose, X-Ray Lit, Three Drops from a Cauldron, Nymphs, Tealight Press, and Exhume Lit, among others. Follow her magic: worrydollsandfloatinglights.wordpress.com.

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