“Crush” by Susan J. Bryant

I love English Literature, 
especially my Master –  
Atticus Finch with a pinch
of Rhett Butler 
and the lure of Count Dracula. 
Oh, the droll roll of his tongue  
around ‘onomatopoeia’ 
sends a spine-tingling shiver… 
a ripple and quiver 
like a leaf on wild water. 

He says that’s a simile 
in tones crooned to thrill me. 
He’s my period six lover 
(he’d say that’s a metaphor 
although I’d beg to differ) 
and no other teacher 
comes close to this preacher  
of linguistic delights… 

He ignites dull school days 
with his suave Mr. Darcy ways.

Susan Jarvis Bryant is a church secretary and poet whose homeland is Kent, England.  She is now an American citizen living on the coastal plains of Texas. Susan has poetry published in the UK webzine, Lighten Up On Line, The Daily Mail, and Openings (anthologies of poems by Open University Poets).

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